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Trust First Defense Insulation for Premium Attic Spray Foam Insulation Services

ByArlene Huff

May 8, 2023
Trust First Defense Insulation for Premium Attic Spray Foam Insulation Services

First Defense Insulation is helping to keep clients warm and comfortable with reliable spray foam insulation services. They offer convenient loan options, allowing clients to access their services stress-free.

First Defense Insulation is a professional spray foam insulation company that caters to the insulation needs of homes. They offer open or closed-cell products depending on the client’s needs and preferences, both of which provide excellent thermal insulating value but differ slightly.

Their open-cell spray foam, for instance, is softer, more flexible, and has a lower density. It also has a higher expansion rate, making it ideal for filling in gaps, cracks, and voids in the attic. On the other hand, their closed-cell spray foam has a higher density and is rigid. It also provides moisture impermeability.

The company uses only high-quality spray foam insulation that prevents air filtration. They use products that can expand up to 30 to 100 times in liquid volume, preventing energy loss from leaky ceilings, walls, and doors. First Defense Insulation uses expandable spray foam insulation that stops heat transfer through a medium or passage like home wood framing members. This effectively prevents the movement of heat via fluids, stopping warm air from rising from the home and pushing into the attic.

First Defense Insulation offers a free onsite comfort inspection to clients who wish to contract their attic insulation services. The inspection helps to determine the client’s needs, offer viable recommendations, and afterward, the team offers clients a transparent quote with no hidden charges. The staff can recommend spray foam insulation options with a sound barrier, structural stability, improved indoor quality, and a good return on investment. Their reputable products reduce energy costs significantly by reducing the burden on HVAC equipment in cooling or heating the property. 

First Defense Insulation understands that attic spray foam insulation can be a significant investment for homeowners. To make it more accessible, the company offers diverse financing options. They have partnered with Foundation Finance and Enerbank USA to provide clients with flexible loan options with low-interest rates and affordable monthly payments.

Clients can contact the company’s sales team for guidance on the best-suited loan options for their projects and budget. The company’s sales team will assist clients in the prequalification process, which does not require a hard inquiry. This means that clients will not suffer a significant hit on their credit scores, making it easier for them to get approved for financing. With these financing options, clients can have peace of mind and achieve their insulation goals without worrying about upfront costs.

A quote from the company’s website stated this about their services, 

“An attic that doesn’t meet insulation standards will lead to high heating and cooling costs, uncomfortable rooms, and uneven temperatures throughout your home. First Defense Insulation is proud to make your home more comfortable and efficient, and to help save you money on your utility bills! We offer trusted attic insulation and no-obligation estimates for our broad range of services.”

Besides spray foam insulation, First Defense Insulation offers attic insulation using other materials like cellulose and the installation of radiant barriers. The company offers additional services like air sealing, insulation removal, and ductwork repair.  

Contact the company at 713-808-9853 to schedule a service. You can learn more about First Defense Insulation by visiting their website. First Defense Insulation is located at 12 Greenway Plaza Suite 1147, Houston, Texas, 77046, US.

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