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ReFrame Learning’s Performance Approach Closes the Skill Gap to Take an Organization’s Team to the Next Level

ByArlene Huff

Jun 9, 2023
ReFrame Learning’s Performance Approach Closes the Skill Gap to Take an Organization’s Team to the Next Level

ReFrame Learning’s clients can count on their comprehensive training solutions and expertise to help them define training strategies, develop and curate relevant content, and measure the results, adding value to the business!

The firm’s Learning Analytics consists of a high-impact methodology for planning training based on performance formed by four steps that link performance to training needs. All of this is highly oriented toward measuring indicators (KPIs) and results.

1. Establishing correlations: identifying the tasks that affect the KPIs and, of course, the skills needed to perform those activities.

2. Individualized analyses: based on these correlations, it is possible to assess how the team performs and define which training each individual needs or does not need.

3. Optimized instructional actions: organizing by groups with equivalent needs to form classes on trails based on the company’s performance indicators.

4. Results monitoring: monitoring and evaluating the behavior of established KPIs.

Areas of Training Include:

  • Onboarding
  • S&Op Training
  • Product Training

According to Renato Gangoni, CEO of ReFrame Learning, the big difference is that the training sessions are now designed (and the contents selected) according to the performance gap of each professional, rather than according to their role. 

In practice, if we have a methodology that departs from the individual to select the knowledge trails that should be followed by each professional (which can later be grouped in circles of interest) and not from their function, the way to assess the results of these actions radically change,” states Renato.

5-Star Recommendation From /Toyota

“Renato Gangoni coordinated two major projects with me and as my supplier. At Fiat and Toyota he applied the most modern and current training for the Fiat Chrysler and Iveco brands, in addition to Etios at Toyota. Grateful Renato.”

About Renato Gangoni

Renato is known for his enthusiasm at turning the complicated into the simple. 

A life-long learner and the founder of Reframe Learning, Renato has 20+ years of experience helping clients (including major global entities like Experian, Toyota, FedEx, Dunkin, Incomm and Claro) to increase performance, development sales, onboarding, and technical programs all utilizing the best and latest developments in learning solutions.


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