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Outdoor Direct: A Reliable Source for All Things Outdoor

ByArlene Huff

Jun 19, 2023
Outdoor Direct: A Reliable Source for All Things Outdoor

Greenville, SC: Outdoor Direct, founded by Christian Sawyer, is an eCommerce platform dedicated to enhancing outdoor experiences. They offer a diverse range of premium products sourced directly from manufacturers, guaranteeing competitive prices without compromising quality. Each product is carefully selected to meet high standards and comes with a comprehensive warranty. With meticulous inventory management, all displayed products are consistently in stock and ready for swift shipping. A dedicated team is available to provide personalized assistance, guiding shoppers in selecting products and placing orders seamlessly.

Outdoor Direct’s ever-expanding inventory of products includes outdoor patio heaters. Whether a customer is interested in a free-standing or wall-mounted heater, the store offers a wide selection. Property owners can also choose products from a range of price points, starting as low as $250 and going up to over $1,000 – based on their heating needs and personal preferences. 

Customers seeking electric patio heaters for their ease of use, safety, and versatility have a wide range of options. Depending on their budget, they can buy the 62” Zero Light, 75” Weatherproof, or the popular 50” electric patio heater. Additionally, the RADtec-authorized dealer offers propane patio heaters for customers who prioritize portability while desiring equally effective units.

Outdoor Direct also offers carefully selected natural gas patio heaters. The units not only provide a higher heat output and lower operating costs but are ideal for homeowners interested in heaters that feature a sleek design. The available units include the RADtec 96” Real Flame (available in both antique bronze and stainless steel finishes) and the RADtec 93” Pyramid Flame natural gas patio heaters.

Outdoor Direct is the preferred destination for those seeking natural gas, propane, wood-burning pits, and tables. As an authorized dealer of Elementi, they provide a diverse selection of distinctive products. Among their offerings is the highly sought-after Elementi Granville Fire Pit Table in Light Gray. This elegant table boasts a sleek finish and offers a cozy and secure environment for enjoying a warm and safe bonfire experience. Additionally, customers can explore other popular choices, such as the Elementi Manchester Fire Pit Table in Red Wood, the Elementi Lunar Bowl Fire Pit Table, and the Elementi Sonoma Dining Table.

Additionally, homeowners searching for pool heaters can explore the store’s diverse offerings. These include heat-only units, heat and cool models, as well as the HeatWave SuperQuiet and TropiCal units. For those on a budget, there are affordable options, such as the AquaCal TropiCal T75 Heat Pump (Heat Only) and AquaCal TropiCal T55 Heat Pump (Heat Only). And in case a buyer is unsure which heat pump is ideal for their pool, the store offers a complimentary heat pump recommendation service.

The e-commerce store also caters to off-grid and camping enthusiasts by offering a variety of products. One area of specialization for Outdoor Direct is solar generators. Buyers can find a range of premium products like the Lion Energy Safari ME XP Expansion Pack, which provides a convenient and reliable power source for extended periods. The Lion Energy authorized dealer also stocks various solar panels, including the 100W 12V and 100W 24V options – known for their efficiency, safety, durability, portability, and expandability.

Customers searching for high-quality lithium batteries and chargers can rely on Outdoor Direct for premium units. The store offers a range of Lion Energy Safari batteries at various prices, starting from $899 and going as low as $199. For chargers, customers can consider the Savanna 45A Battery Charger, which not only comes at an affordable price but is highly suitable for charging 12V batteries and is compatible with all 12V energy batteries.

The store also provides a range of general and generator accessories. Customers can purchase the Savanna CC that regulates the flow of energy from the solar panels to the battery, the Lion Energy Mil-Spec EMP bag, a Lion Energy 25’ Solar extension cable, and a Lion Energy 3 LED light bulb string. In addition to enhancing the customer’s camping experience in terms of energy, these accessories are well-suited for nearly all off-grid setups.

Customers looking for well-priced patio heaters, fire pits, tables, and off-the-grid products and accessories can shop directly from Outdoor Direct’s website. Contact the company at (864) 365-1762.

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