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New York Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr Unveils Crucial Guide on Adjusting Parenting Time During the School Year

ByArlene Huff

Jun 8, 2023
New York Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr Unveils Crucial Guide on Adjusting Parenting Time During the School Year

New York child custody lawyer Martin Mohr (https://www.newyorkfamilylawgroup.com/blog/should-our-parenting-time-schedule-be-adjusted-during-the-school-year/) from the esteemed New York Family Law Group has recently published an insightful article, ‘Should Our Parenting Time Schedule Be Adjusted During the School Year?’ to support co-parents in optimizing their shared custody time during a child’s academic year.

In this article, the renowned New York child custody lawyer highlights the importance of adapting parenting schedules to accommodate the evolving lifestyles of growing children, especially in relation to school activities and schedules. Mohr discusses how the changing circumstances of children, such as entry into a new school year, may necessitate adjustments in parenting arrangements.

“The primary objective of a parenting schedule is to provide consistency and stability for children,” says New York child custody lawyer Martin Mohr. “However, as children grow and their schedules change, parents need to consider the importance of adapting the time-sharing plan to reflect these changes, ensuring it best serves the child’s evolving needs.”

Mohr’s article delves into various aspects of child custody and co-parenting, including rules for relocating with children in New York, the significance of maintaining equal access to both parents, choosing the right custody schedule, and considering the child’s adaptability to change. The New York child custody lawyer advises co-parents to be mindful of their children’s routine, activities, and interests when formulating or adjusting their parenting schedule.

Drawing upon his vast experience as a New York child custody lawyer, Mohr presents an in-depth analysis of different custody arrangements, such as 60/40 and 50/50 custody, along with alternative arrangements like the 2-2-3 and 3-4-4-3 schedules. He emphasizes that these schedules should be flexible enough to accommodate the child’s changing lifestyle, while still promoting a sense of stability and regular interaction with both parents.

“Custody arrangements should always be tailored to the unique circumstances of each family,” Mohr comments. “Before deciding on a specific schedule, parents should consider the child’s comfort, the distance between parents’ homes, and the child’s ability to adapt to changes. In situations where these factors are challenging, parents are encouraged to seek guidance from a New York child custody attorney.”

The last word from Martin Mohr is a rallying cry to parents seeking assistance in handling child custody issues. “At New York Family Law Group, we are committed to helping parents create flexible parenting time schedules that prioritize the child’s wellbeing and the family’s unique dynamics,” he concludes.

The challenges of creating a fair and flexible parenting time schedule can be complex. However, with guidance from seasoned professionals like Martin Mohr, the process can become less daunting and more beneficial for the child and both parents.

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New York Family Law Group is a distinguished law firm in New York that aids families in navigating the complexities of child custody and other family law matters. The firm prides itself on its dedicated team of attorneys, including Martin Mohr, who bring empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of family law to the table. They are committed to creating tailored solutions that best serve the interests of the child and their families, regardless of the unique circumstances they face.

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