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New Jersey DWI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Sheds Light On The Issue Of Driving Under The Influence Of Prescription Medication

ByArlene Huff

Jun 2, 2023
New Jersey DWI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Sheds Light On The Issue Of Driving Under The Influence Of Prescription Medication

New Jersey DWI lawyer Rachel Kugel (https://thekugellawfirm.com/can-you-get-a-dui-for-driving-on-prescription-medication/) of The Kugel Law Firm, released a recent article answering the question of whether individuals can face a DUI charge for driving while using prescription medication. Titled “Can You Get a DUI for Driving on Prescription Medication?”, the article delves into this complex topic and provides invaluable insights for those who may find themselves in such circumstances.

Experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer Rachel Kugel has dedicated her career to ensuring fair representation for her clients and raising awareness about pertinent legal matters. With her extensive experience in handling DUI cases, she offers a unique perspective on the legal implications of driving under the influence of prescription medication.

Discussing the motivation behind the article, New Jersey DWI lawyer Rachel Kugel emphasizes the need for clarity and understanding in this area of the law. She states, “I wanted to address the concerns and confusion surrounding DUI charges related to prescription medication. Many individuals are unaware that even legal medications can potentially lead to serious legal consequences if they impair one’s ability to drive safely.”

In the article, Rachel Kugel meticulously navigates the nuances of New Jersey law pertaining to driving under the influence. She explores the criteria for impairment, the legal standards used to assess impairment, and the specific challenges faced by individuals who rely on prescription medication. Kugel clarifies that the mere presence of prescription medication in one’s system does not automatically result in a DUI charge. Rather, the focus is on the impairment caused by the medication and whether it affects the individual’s ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Kugel further highlights the importance of understanding the potential side effects and warnings associated with prescribed medications. She urges individuals to consult their healthcare providers and carefully read the accompanying literature to determine if driving restrictions or alternative arrangements should be considered while under the influence of prescribed medication.

Overall, Rachel Kugel’s article serves as an invaluable resource for individuals who find themselves navigating the complexities of driving under the influence of prescription medication. By shedding light on the legal implications and providing practical advice, Kugel aims to equip readers with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and protect their rights.

Rachel Kugel encourages individuals who have questions or concerns regarding DUI charges related to prescription medication to seek professional legal assistance promptly. Understanding the intricacies of the law and having skilled representation can significantly impact the outcome of such cases.

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The Kugel Law Firm, led by New Jersey DWI lawyer Rachel Kugel, is a distinguished legal practice dedicated to defending clients facing DWI charges. With a commitment to providing personalized and committed representation, The Kugel Law Firm has successfully handled numerous DUI cases throughout New Jersey. Rachel Kugel’s knowledge and unwavering dedication to her clients make her a trusted advocate in the legal community.

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