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Chris Mayfield, Profusion Consulting, Inc. Helps Organizations and Leadership to Beat the Great Resignation and the Quitting Quietly Epidemics

ByArlene Huff

Oct 4, 2022

Profusion Consulting, Inc. offers leadership workshops that are designed to align leader actions with an organization’s strategic goals. Chris’ result-oriented leadership coaching style, helps leaders to gain clarity of purpose and conciseness of actions.

Profusion offers sustainable leadership development programs that are “done for you’ so that leaders have all the tools they need to capitalize on their momentum following their highly engaging workshops.

Programs focus on the competencies most important to becoming a successful leader who is a high-performing contributor to a company that learns, grows, and is resilient. This focus allows their clients to easily integrate a leadership development program into their culture and provides a straightforward method for capturing a high return on investment in their leadership team.

“We believe we are obligated to grow a healthy and learning community,” states Chris.

About Profusion Consulting, Inc.

A Virginia-based leadership and organization development firm,  Profusion Consulting, Inc. is a registered B Corporation, with profits going back to the community where they live and work. 

According to Chris, what organizations make good Profusion Clients? “Companies that depend on team connections for success. Where profits depend on people working collaboratively, not in silos. Where culture, belonging, and inclusion matter, and where fostering people is a primary driver. Where giving back to your community is embedded in your company’s values, but you either don’t know how, or don’t have the mechanism to do so. Whether your company employs 5 people, 50 people, or 500 or more all over the state or country, if it’s critical that they function at their best, and feel inspired to be part of your mission, Profusion can help them and your company do more good.”


“Profusion’s work with our team changed how we thought about leadership and the role each of us is playing in leading our law firm- Holly Ortiz, Practice Manager, Personal Injury,” Pendelton Law Team.

“Chris helped shape my growing business by guiding me through tough decisions and plan development.”  Andre Karpov, CEO, True Agility RVA

About Chris Mayfield

Chris Mayfield is a retired Marine Corps officer who proudly served the United States for  24 years.

As the founder and owner of Profusion Consulting, Chris is known as an eternal ‘possible-ist;’ Chris believes that anything is possible. He envisions a world where teams work together, communicate effectively for the highest productivity, and all team members have a clear understanding of the path forward and how to move down that path together.

Chris is convinced individual contribution is the key to every organization’s profitability and endurance, and the value and quality of that contribution is a direct product of aligning strategy with culture.

He and his wife, Holly, live in New Kent County, Virginia, where they enjoy their small farm and quiet lifestyle. 

Chris gave a TEDxVCU talk about the subject, Want to be a Hope Dealer? and was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

‘If your team isn’t growing, learning, and innovating, close the door now,” states Chris.

For additional information, send an email to chris@profusion-consulting.com.

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